Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Why to fly in a private jet and not in an airliner?

It is important to explain why it is both affordable and logical to fly in a private jet instead of purchasing a first class airline ticket.

Let's start with the average hourly price in a private jet:

Gulfstream 550             $8,640
Global Express/XRS       $8,045
Falcon 7X                    $7,865
Falcon 900                   $6,075
Gulfstream IV              $5,884
Challenger 604             $5,053
Citation X                    $4,533
Hawker 800                  $3,582
Citation Excel/XLS         $3,388
Learjet 60                    $3,347
Citation Mustang           $1,674

Now, let's say tomorrow morning you have to make a one way flight from Miami to New York. Usually, you would purchase a first class ticket for approximately $1300 in a case like this. 
Now imagine that instead, you are going to rent a Citation Mustang with 3 more passengers. 
That means that for a 3 hour flight to New York, it would cost a total of  $5022, but the cost is divided between each of the 4 passengers, making your total cost only $1255. 

What does this mean? You are able to pay less for more! Personalised catering, landing at a desired airport, taking off at a desired hour, no baggage claim problems, no waiting in overcrowded security lines, no need to take your shoes off, no need to take a taxi at your destination since your private car can be waiting for you at the ramp.

The business of executive aviation is an amazing world! Join us at Ijet Aviation, and let us take care of your comfort. You won't regret it.

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