Thursday, January 31, 2013

Comfort and safety in your hands: Hawker 125-600 A

Hawker 125-600 A

Powerplant: Two 16.7kN (3750lb) RollsRoyce Viper 601 turbojets.

Performance: Long range cruising speed 810km/h (427kt). Initial rate of climb 4900ft/min.      Range with max fuel and reserves 3020km (1630nm).

Weights: Max takeoff 11,340kg (25,000lb).

Dimensions: Wing span 14.32m (47ft 0in), length 15.37m (50ft 6in), height 5.26m (17ft 3in). Wing area 32.8m2 (353sq ft).

Capacity: Flightcrew of two. Various optional interior configurations offered depending on customer preference. Max main cabin seating for 14.

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